Powdered cappuccino drink

Powdered cappuccino drink

The product has decreased amount of total energy (30% calories less through use of sweetening substances compared to product sweetened with regular sugar), contains powdered coffee for drinks, contains sweeteners.

Ingredients: powdered skimmed milk, coffee extract (13%), hydrogenated plant oil, sweetening agents: maltodextrin and sucralose, stabilizer – sodium phosphate, salt, food thickener: karagen, anti-caking agent: tricalcium phosphate, flavourings.

Nutrition facts per 100g of the product: per 100ml of the finished drink:
Total energy 1797 kJ/427 kcal 122 kJ/29 kcal
Fat 13 g 0,9 g
Saturates 13 g 0,9 g
Carbohydrates 53 g 3,6 g
of which sugars 33 g 2,3 g
Protein 24 g 1,6 g
Salt 1,69 g 0,1 g

Net weight: 76g

Manufacturer: SchneeKoppe GmbH&Co.KG, Germany