Producer and distributor of healthy food


Fructose (fruit sugar) is a great replacement for traditional sugar (glucose) for diabetics. It has much lower influence on increase of blood sugar level thanks to much lower glycemic index.


Jams sweetened with fructose and xylitol

We also offer you our jams for diabetics sweetened with fructose and xylitol.

Sweets for diabetics

There is wide range of chocolates and chocolate products for diabetics in our offer. Our products are sweetened with fructose, xylitol and stevia and thanks to this they are friendly for diabetics and for people slimming down due to lowered caloric value.


Peanut butters

Our peanut butter is made of 100% peanuts, without sugar or salt. We also offer peanut butters created for people who workout – with hemp seeds and black sesame.

We are also distributors of the foreign brands which produce healthy food, such as Schneekoppe, Van Vliet, Siroperie Meurens and Huxol.